Ingeniería de Lubricación
Lubricalia, Distribuidor Oficial de Castrol
MIXTRON - Dosificadores hidráulicos
SIBOL European Safety Manufacturer
MIXTRON - Aplicaciones del dosificador hidráulico de Mixtron

LUBRICALIA new official distributor of wide range of products SIBOL.

SIBOL, national manufacturer of personal protective equipments, largue catalogue of respiratory, eye, ear and heat protection. The only national manufacturer of filtering protective masks. Own test laboratory. His greatest aspiration is to achieve a daily safest protective equipment for the prevention of occupational hazards and safety at work.

SIBOL offers you the possibility to wear Safety Prescriptioned Spectacles in your workarea. Their prescriptioned spectacles have been tested and they meet with all the points of the Optical Requirements on the Standard EN 166.

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Ingeniería de Lubricación