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MIXTRON - Aplicaciones del dosificador hidráulico de Mixtron

Offer on hydraulic

Hyspin Hyspin AWS or AWS 208L 46 208L 68 – Eur 327.93 (VAT not incl.)


• In high pressure hydraulic circuits for circuits in particular servo valves provided with fine filtration.

• Provide high reliability operation of demanding industrial equipment:

• Flows to very high pressure (250 bar and more) used in robotics, Injection molding of plastics, High power hydraulic motors,

• Proportional hydraulic circuits with fine (3um) whose reliability depends directly on the level of contamination of the hydraulic fluid,


• Long life (> 10,000 hours of use) retaining its antioxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-wear over time.

• Micro-filtered lubricant especially suitable for use in filter circuits NAS 1638 class purity <7.

• Reduces wear rate sensitive components of the circuit: pumps, distributors, servo valves, achieving a more reliable machine.

• Excellent water de-emulsifiers (Standard NFT 60-125).

• Power antifoam adapted to large flows.

Ingeniería de Lubricación