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MIXTRON - Aplicaciones del dosificador hidráulico de Mixtron

RAASM’s manual hose reels

  HOSE REEL ADVANTAGES: NO Accidents.- The hose reel allow workers to operate in a safe workplace, using equipment always ready for use. NO Break.- The hose reel safeguards against wear and posible breakage of the hoses themselves. NO Disorder.-

New pumps for agriculture and water treatment


Mixtron is pleased to announce the arrival of the new pumps for agriculture and water treatment. MX.1100 and MX.1300 are pumps engineered and produced exclusively in Italy at our Italian factory, with Italian quality and raw materials.MX.1100 and MX.1300 volumetric proportional dosing

A clean environment is a safe environment

a clean environment is a safe environment

Wide range of decontaminating and hygienizing products, for cleaning surfaces and spaces. Cleaning hands without rinsing.



It is a high-performance lubricating grease for use in the Food Industry, whose PTFE content (polytetrafluorethylene) gives it excellent performance for mechanical elements subjected to loads important food facilities. LUBRIGRAS-ATOXIC-TFL (A) is a synthetic lubricant with PTFE, spray-packed. Its advanced


Water Powered Dosing Pump WHAT IS IT? Mixtron pump is a dosing and mixing hydraulic tool powered solely by water as driving force. The pump is installed directly in the water supply line and allows users to create an homogenised

Water Powered Dosing Pump

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Magnetic sweeper

Very handy tool for removing chips and magnetic small parts in inaccessible places. It attracts all magnetic materials through its integrated permanent magnet. Field use and operation The magnetic pieces are collected by the collector closer chips. By removing the

New hose reels series 250 and 300

    New hose reels series 250 and 300, suitable for air and water up to 20 bar. Rewind spring completely protected from the external environment. The spring undergoes a durability test of 30000 cycles (each cycle corresponds to complete

MetalMadrid 2014

Once again we will be in MetalMadrid `14, covering the 7th edition of this major meeting point for the industry.           See you in Hall 5, Stand B14!           

New automatic drip-catcher nozzle

Available individually or just mounted on the guns opens automatically itself at the beginning of the supply guaranteeing in the same time a fast closure of the terminal when the lever is left, avoiding any leaks and assuring cleaning and

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