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Maintenance Stations R-200

Maintenance Station R-2000 for Cooling Lubricants Cooling lubricants inevitably become contaminated with tramp oils and particulate matter during the production process. The ARIANA Maintenance Station R-2000 makes it possible to clean and maintain emulsions or solutions during the production process. This greatly prolongs the service life and minimizes disposal costs.Maintenance Station R-2000 for Cooling Lubricants

Application areas

  • Lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Parts washers
  • Quenching boxes


  • Removes tramp oils and particulate matter simultaneously
  • Works automatically without an operator using the bypass principle
  • Prevents unpleasant odours and risk of infection
  • Increases the service life of lubricants and tools
  • Reduces disposal costs

Application Cooling lubricants in wet-cutting machines are subject to high levels of contamination. Hydraulic oil, bedway oil and grease collect on the surface of the emulsion and, in high concentrations, prevent the necessary exchange of oxygen. In connection with floating and deposited particulate matter, this provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which degrade the cooling lubricant. Ongoing maintenance with removal of these contaminants at regular intervals considerably prolongs the service life of the cooling lubricant and lowers disposal costs.

How it works The ARIANA Maintenance Station R-2000 suctions off a mixture of oils and particulate matter from the surface of the emulsion. This mixture is separated in the maintenance station, the cleaned emulsion is conducted back into the machine tool and the separated oil is collected in a separate disposal container. The process of separating the emulsion and oil is purely physical and is so gentle that the emulsion is not negatively affected, e.g. as it would be a result of spinning. 97% of floating trash oil and trash oil subjected to turbulence is removed. The emulsion is cleaned without the presence of an operator and without interrupting operation of the machine tool. No down time occurs.

Technical features Eccentric worm pump Electric motor Made of stainless steel material with powder coating All hose connections with fast-action single-hand connectors Station is completely assembled and ready for use, complete with accessories Technical data

Motor capacity 0,37 kWh
Voltage 230 V
Flow rate 350 L/h
Dimensions (mm) 860 x 830 x 440 (H x L x B)
Weight  empty 65 Kg
Temperature of liquid   40°C (max.)
Filter fineness (standard)

100 μ

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