Ingeniería de Lubricación
Lubricalia, Distribuidor Oficial de Castrol
MIXTRON - Dosificadores hidráulicos
SIBOL European Safety Manufacturer
MIXTRON - Aplicaciones del dosificador hidráulico de Mixtron


For many years, Castrol is the world leader in the development of soluble lubricants machining. This experience has created a comprehensive range of products and expert technical support. We can offer our experience in processes and applications through our network of sales, engineering and product development. Our goal is to increase productivity and help them overcome their environmental challenges.

We can offer these essential benefits by application knowledge provided by our network of professionals, engineers and researchers. Our goal is to generate savings through increased productivity, helping them achieve their manufacturing goals and improve their work environment.

You can trust that LUBRICALIA-Castrol will provide the ideal product for all your operations.

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Ingeniería de Lubricación