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Magnetic sweeper

Very handy tool for removing chips and magnetic small parts in inaccessible places. It attracts all magnetic materials through its integrated permanent magnet.

Field use and operation

The magnetic pieces are collected by the collector closer chips. By removing the permanent magnet handle all chips can break off and fall into a collecting container. At the far end of the handle is also a protective shield to prevent injuries.

• universal and mobile jobs even in hard to reach points

• Working environment safe and clean

• Reduced risk of injury from sharp edges chips

• Automatic separation of the material

foto 2 Colector Magnético de Virutas
Technical data

Long life with stainless steel frame and powerful permanent magnets

• Length adjustable bar

• Easy handling Dimensions: 360-675 mm long, 25mm diameter

• Reduced weight: 554gr.



Ingeniería de Lubricación