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MIXTRON - Aplicaciones del dosificador hidráulico de Mixtron


Vanishing Oil separator with its polyurethane belt 25 mm wide. It is recommended for lathes and milling machines with cooling tanks containing up to approx. 2000 liters. Work at a maximum temperature of 50 º. Its extraction capacity is 1.5 liters / hour. The best results are obtained when operating at 4.5 volts FEOL approx. 6 rounds / min. The FEOL is manufactured in three versions, with lengths using 200, 600 and 1400 mm. Intermediate steps can be supplied on demand.

Separador de Aceite FE - OL

This oil skimmer, with its 80 mm-wide polyurethane belt, is suitable for large, centralised emulsion tanks and for piece washers and can be immersed in liquids with temperature of up to 50-60º. Its extraction capacity is 10-15 litres/hour. The best results are obtained when the MAXI FEOL is made to operate to the utmost, i.e. at 12 volts, or approx 20 revs/min. There exists three versions of the MAXI FEOL, with usage lengths of 400, 800 and 1200mm.

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