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Castrol Hysol ® MB 50 High performance soluble metalworking fluid

Castrol Hysol TM MB 50 is a high performance soluble metal working fluid, which is chlorine and formaldehyde releasing agent free. It contains a unique additive package that works in synergy to enhance machining performance and surface finish, provide excellent product

Dosatron 3 m3/h – D3 – Specific for Coolants

A unique technology associating all dosing functions: Dosing Technique: Non-electric proportional Energy Source: Water flow and pressure Integrated functions: Metering:  volumetric hydraulic motor , Injecting: continuous proportional injection of liquid or soluble concéntrate, Regulating: proportionality servo-controlled by the water flow, Mixing: integrated mixing.                                                   Operating

Certikin -CTX – Pool Maintenance

Its wide variety of chemicals and water testing, control and metering systems and disinfection equipment, providing both the most demanding professionals as all pool owners peace of mind knowing they are in good hands. Quality guaranteed. CERTIKIN products meet the

Indicators set – TRGS 611 Norm

Indicators set for Protection and Monitoring Measures According to TRGS 611, each with 100 strips: pH indicators 7.5 – 9.5 Nitrite test strips 0 – 25 mg/l Nitrate test strips 0 – 500 mg/l Water hardness test strips 0 –

RAASM’s hose reels

RAASM’s hose reels, equipped with rewinding spring with costant tension, are available in many versions: open or enclosed, fixed or swivelling, in painted steel, in stainless steel, in ABS material. Motor driven hose reels, pneumatic or hydraulic, are available as

HPL Lubricants

A complete range of world class lubricants, which provides the performance you need in a wide range of applications. Including the most demanding and capital intensive, limit applications where lubrication is needed with premium technology. Available now in Lubricalia Shop

Electronic mixing device

An electronic mixing device is indispensable in order to mix different emulsions and grinding solutions. Mixing procedure will be supervised and controlled completely by electronics. The display possesses a user-friendly menu which allows to mix required concentrations of emulsions and

MetalMadrid Fair 2012

Forward to seeing you at the next MetalMadrid Industrial Fair 2012 to be held in Madrid on 21 and 22 November. We’ll be there again to show what is LUBRICALIA, our services, products and news. MetalMadrid is a modern event, tailored

Offer on hydraulic

Hyspin Hyspin AWS or AWS 208L 46 208L 68 – Eur 327.93 (VAT not incl.) Applications: • In high pressure hydraulic circuits for circuits in particular servo valves provided with fine filtration. • Provide high reliability operation of demanding industrial

Castrol Introduces New Syntilo 75EF

This is a new synthetic fluid, mineral oil free, specially developed for machining ferrous metals. It is based on the technology of oil-absorbing synthetic fluid contaminant: • Less aggressive for paints, seals and elastomers • Over time becomes milky emulsion

Ingeniería de Lubricación