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RAASM’s manual hose reels



        • NO Accidents.- The hose reel allow workers to operate in a safe workplace, using equipment always ready for use.
        • NO Break.- The hose reel safeguards against wear and posible breakage of the hoses themselves.
        • NO Disorder.- With the hose reel, hose rewinding is quick and safe, for an orderly workplace.
        • Constructed with high quality materials and boasting a robust structure, these hose reels are a valid and economical alternative to the spring hose reel, particularly where the hoses to be wound are of significant length and diameter.

MANUAL HOSE REELS – S. 430-530-540-560

RAASM offers a wide range of manual hose reels in painted and AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel. These items offer a practice, easy solution to the problem of flexible hose management thanks to their simple operation and the fact there is practically no need for routine maintenance. 


The 500-700 series manual hose reels in painted steel are a practical and simple solution to the problem of flexible hose management. Given their simple operation, they require practically no routine maintenance.


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