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We are a service company in the world of the industrial lubrication. Lubricalia not just another on line lubrication shop and services, WE ARE SPECIALITS. As Official Distributors of Castrol in Spain, we are forced to provide a service of excellence in quality. We offer a company as powerful as technologically advanced as CASTROL Lubrication – BP.

Our professionalism and good service over the years have made the prestigious brands such as MIXTRON, Ariana, RAASM, and Beka Lube Sibol entrust us their products as official distributors of recognized brands in the industry.

We invite you to visit the on line shop Lubricalia where you will find a wide range of products:

• Coolants for machining, cutting fluids, oils, greases and lubricants for maintenance

• Degreasers, grease cartridges

• Food Grade Oils

• Equipment and coolants care – ARIANA

• Lubrication Equipment – RAASM

• Water Dispensers – DOSATRON

• Personal Protective Equipment – SIBOL

• Lubrication and Systems – BEKA LUBE

• Abrasive grain

• Control chemical softeners

• Hydraulic Filters

• ……….

Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Ingeniería de Lubricación