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LUBRICALIA new distributor for the large catalogue of SIBOL.

SIBOL is a company specialized in manufacturing and marketing Personal Protective Equipments. Sibol develops equipments and systems for any kind of protection:

  • Eye Protection (including adapters and visors),
  • Respiratory Protection (Dust Masks, Half and Full Face Masks, Escape Equipments),
  • Ear Muffs and Helmets, Heat Protection (Aluminised Rayon, Fire blankets, Visors),
  • Collective Protection (Curtains, Screens, Folding Screens), for Welding work (eye and respiratory protection).

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Besides passing through rigurous internal controls, our SIBOL equipments are guaranteed by the most prestigious certifications , delivered by various European Quality Institutes.

NUEVA SIBOL is the only National Company with additional quality labels for all its safety spectacles, NEUTRAL and PRESCRIPTIONED.

SIBOL offers you the opportunity to wear Safety Prescriptioned Spectacles in your workarea. Our prescriptioned spectacles have been tested and they meet with all the points of the Optical Requirements on the Standard EN 166.

If you have any question please contact us, or+ 34 91 669 82 34

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