Ingeniería de Lubricación
Lubricalia, Distribuidor Oficial de Castrol
MIXTRON - Dosificadores hidráulicos
SIBOL European Safety Manufacturer
MIXTRON - Aplicaciones del dosificador hidráulico de Mixtron

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RAASM’s manual hose reels

  HOSE REEL ADVANTAGES: NO Accidents.- The hose reel allow workers to operate in a safe workplace, using equipment always ready for use. NO Break.- The hose reel safeguards against wear and posible breakage of the hoses themselves. NO Disorder.-

Waste oil drainer extractor

RAASM hase a wide range of used oil in vacuum (suck the hot air at 70-80 ° C), in its different versions: • PORTABLE. – Vacuum tires, ideal for a quick change engine oil in any means of transport. Aspiration

Ingeniería de Lubricación