Ingeniería de Lubricación
Lubricalia, Distribuidor Oficial de Castrol
MIXTRON - Dosificadores hidráulicos
SIBOL European Safety Manufacturer
MIXTRON - Aplicaciones del dosificador hidráulico de Mixtron

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RAASM’s hose reels

RAASM’s hose reels, equipped with rewinding spring with costant tension, are available in many versions: open or enclosed, fixed or swivelling, in painted steel, in stainless steel, in ABS material. Motor driven hose reels, pneumatic or hydraulic, are available as

Waste oil drainer extractor

RAASM hase a wide range of used oil in vacuum (suck the hot air at 70-80 ° C), in its different versions: • PORTABLE. – Vacuum tires, ideal for a quick change engine oil in any means of transport. Aspiration

Ingeniería de Lubricación