Garnet abrasives for WaterJet cutting and sand blasting


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Garnet abrasives for WaterJet cutting and sand blasting

Special abrasives for water cutting in granulometry 80, 60, 120 and 220. Also widely used in blasting to avoid dust and gain in performance both in consumption and speed. Because it has higher edge quality and hardness than conventional sand generally used in steel blasting.

Garnet abrasives for WaterJet cutting and sand blasting There are no products in this category.


  • Silicon Carbide
    Artificial product obtained from the merger to temperature of 2.300 º C of sand of silicon + cok of oil. Later one proceeds to: select, crushed, washed, to dried, un magnetize, cleaned, sieved. Artificial product obtained from the melting temperature of 2,300 ° C + silica sand petroleum coke. Then proceed to select, tritutar, washing, drying, demagnetizing, cleaning, sifting, bagging. APPLICATIONS - Abrasives (macro and micro grains grains according to FEPA standard, according series F (grinding wheels) and P series (cloth) - Refractories: granulometries depending on customer need - Metalurgica: As deoxidizer in steel works - Various technical applications
  • Garnet abrasive...
    Garnet sands have some important advantages for use in blast cleaning and deoxidizing decapación surfaces over other methods known as silica sand or scrap metal. USES: Burning, cutting and stone ornaments and glass. Removal of rust and paint and surface preparation for this purpose, either in metal or concrete structures. Preparation of surfaces requiring certain roughness. Cutting all materials (stone, metal, glass, leather, plastics ...). Manufacture of abrasive discs. Components desalination filters and water purification.

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