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    ARIANA is the market leader in the field of flexible pipe systems for lubrorefrigerants, lubricants, oils with a wide range of accessories for the machining industry and processing of metals. Specialist control systems quality coolants, lubricants and machining applications such as cold air, deburring, etc. ARIANA is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

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    Raasm Spa has specialized for many years in the production of equipment for fluids and lubrication in the industrial, agricultural, automobile, aeronaval, railway, boating, building, mining fields and still others. In particular, the machines designed and produced by Raasm are used for transferring and pouring fluids, greasing, brake bleeding, nebulizing, tyre inflation, washing, etc. where fluid substances like gas oil, antifreeze, oils, greases and air are used.

  • Hydraulic feeders...

    More than just a technology, Dosatron offers a solution to anyone who wishes to dose accurately into water a liquid or soluble concentrate, an acid for example, and mix it with water and thus make up an ‘aqueous solution’, or even inject and mix two other liquids. The Dosatron dispenser is a hydraulic injector percentage an engine piston is moved alternatively, by the passage of water to be treated, by operating a pump plunger (dispenser), sucking and enter the product in water treatment, always on a percentage proportionality. * You do not need electricity. Works relating to the circulating flow, varying their speed as the flow increases or decreases. * Injects the treatment product directly in the water supply. * The injection volume is always the% set in the dosing piston. This% is provided with respect to the circulating flow. To changes in flow and pressure in the water mains, the injected volume varied, but never%. The dosage of the injected product is constant, rigorously proportional to the volume of water flowing through the dispenser, regardless of variations in pressure and flow that can intervene. The high accuracy of dosing nullifies any risk of overdosing, thus contributing to environmental friendliness.

  • BEKA LUBE Lubrication...

    The BEKA-MAX product range has been developed for mobile applications. All products have been designed with the durability required for harsh environments found on trucks, agricultural and construction machinery. These progressive systems are designed to handle standard grease. In a world first, BEKA-MAX uses a combination of two lubrication systems in PICO - the most economic design for modern commercial vehicles.

  • Cleanmist

    Centrifugal filters for oil fogs and electrostatic filters

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    Oilers valid oil for lubrication of chains, guides, etc ... have deposits ranging from 1/2 liter to 4 liters and a tank can be greased for example 4 chains. The Gravity is greasing so does not possess any bombs, their cost is amortized quickly, ideal for places where Grease a power not feasible or to lubricate a chain Access is difficult and ultimately causes a break with his corresponding lack of maintenance stop, I send some photograph so you can see them appropriate coach, takes about flow regulators and because they are easier to control the flow need oil to lubricate each point, you can put keys mechanical, solenoid or programmer, if in doubt, contact us. In many companies there are motors driving chains to move their production lines, moving doors, lift mesas.etc ... or guides such as those of chopping valves, gates, benches, etc. .. places where this product facilitates opening and closing of the choppers or lengthens the life of the benches and places constantly working friction. This study that preventive maintenance out much more cost effective than corrective, so placing a DARA oil oiler helps in reducing firms' production line stops by strand breaks due to lack of maintenance, that is, in many companies responsible for maintenance of the plant, whose mission is the first thing Monday morning the chains manually bathe the machines, insufficient work for many chains, there are even chains that are hard to reach places such as under the table assembly line operators are not introduced to these points, forcing the small bolts or pins that eventually end chain eating and wearing brushes arrastre.Mediante points besides properly lubricate chains, clean those small workplace particles (dust, sand, ....) that are introduced into interior points of the chains. With the simple act of looking at the drip valve flow display, we make sure the grease is right and watching the oil level tank Oilers makes a product DARA are simple in use but very consistent and effective in their workplace. Companies that have chains on their plants are many and of all trades, machinery not puts a central oil because it raises the price of that machine, even many who are part of the machinery abroad, such as manufacturers of concrete crushers, feed manufacturing animal consumption, hoppers and tanks that store their products and that drive chains, valves open-close of liquid (juice manufacturing companies, flour, paper, etc ...)

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  • Oil separator FE - OL...

    Leakage oil separator, polyurethane belt with 25 mm width. It is recommended for lathes and milling machines with cooling tanks containing up to approx. 2000 liters.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items