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Garnet abrasive (Cutting by water/ Filters/ ...)


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GARNET MESH 80, Big Bag 1000Kgs


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Bag, 1Ton

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Still little known in Spain, garnet sands have some important advantages for use in jet cleaning and deoxidation of surfaces compared to other methods known as silica sand or scrap metal.

The non-abrasive silicon is obtained by the subtract the original material.

a) If the original material is of poor quality, the scum is deteriorating before, requiring more material with the usual costs that this entails. Garnet is exactly the same material from which it derives.

High density.

a) Reduced dust levels because of its density and washing during the processing. The remains of the used materials, due to its weight, settle quickly into the soil. This allows a better visibility to the operator and not to disturb the environment, either to other workers who perform work or near residential areas with risks for nuisance to the neighborhood.

b) With less material is accomplished, the same impact strength. More grains in a kilo. It supposes more impacts and a greater abrasive power. The large numbers of particles have a better transfer of the kinetic energy to the projected surface, because it is heavier and stronger than other abrasives

c) In the ship industry, the garnet blasting provides high efficiency and a prepared grade of steel Sa 3.

d) Its high density and small particles involve the need to use a less abrasive material, lighter and with larger particles (silica sand, as it is hard and less dense, it needs more material for similar results).

Chemically inert.

a) No damage to the environment. He was recently accused of "ecologic sandblasting."

b) it doesn't leave iron contamination.

Hardness and angularity.

a) The blunt particles and a thick uniformity give more control to the nozzle operator to achieve the finish result that you search.

b) Natural garnet doesn't suffer fractionation in its processing. Its shape is achieved by physical mediums but not mechanical.

c) Its high hardness degree can be reused up to 4 times and a hardly reduced of its qualities.

Free silica less than 0.1%.

a) No risk of silicosis. It is not harmful to health.


Recording, cut and ornament of stone and glass. Removing rust and paint, surface preparation for that purpose, either cement or metal structures. Surfaces preparation that require a certain roughness. Cutting all kind of materials (stone, metal, glass, leather, plastics ...). Manufacture of abrasive wheels. Components in desalination and water purification filters.


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GARNET MESH 80, Big Bag 1000Kgs

GARNET MESH 80, Big Bag 1000Kgs


Bag, 1Ton

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